Pararchive has been very much focussed on understanding the relationships between large institutional archives and the personal artefacts of individuals; specifically what lies in the possibilities of creating neutral spaces between personal and institutional collections.

Personal media collections are something I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to in recent years. As Assessment I’ve discarded DVDs, CDs, books and printed photographs and adopted their weightless digital equivalents, I’ve embraced the streaming, on-demand, infinitely remixable vessels they now exist in, but I’ve also come to understand what’s lost by entrusting my life to a distant Cloud.

It’s the attachments.

Not a nostalgic attachment to page, disc or print, but the emotional annotations attached to the Mortgage atoms I’ve now transformed into bits; an inscription in a book from an old schoolteacher; the goofy Jpop album I bought because it reminded me of that girl. Such stories and memories attached to our media connect us to people, places wholesale jerseys China and times – attachments that carry some significant meaning, meaning that’s lost in the translation to digital media.

This isn’t an intrinsic format problem, but one that can Daily be addressed through meaningful design. Former design director of the New York Times, Khoi Vinh, recently wrote about the need to emotionally ‘locate’ a listener in streaming cheap jerseys services such as Spotify…

…why not tell me what Suffolk else was going on cheap mlb jerseys in my life during a given timeframe? Tell me when I shared a song on Facebook, or discussed an artist, or whom I friended that same week. If a service can show me the photos I took  when I first encountered an artist who later became a favorite, that would add a new dimension of meaning to what are essentially impersonal database records. Giving a listener the opportunity to recognize their own cheap jerseys stories and their own selves in music is what turns people into lifelong fans.

If our personal collections are now to reside in those distant clouds (clouds which are subject to legal White evaporation!), as designers and makers we have to ensure that those emotional attachments and annotations can also cross into some digital form, ensuring our stories and autobiographies can persist in a networked culture. I’m hopeful that Pararchive can surface some of the design patterns that will help this happen.