Cultural institutions such as museums, and even galleries, will have the opportunity to become platforms, co-existing in both the digital and physical realms.

WIRED’s recent The Getty and Google Unleash Free Art — And Your Creative Potential touches on some issues we’re beginning to explore receso with Pararchive, notably the benefits of a culture of openness around art collections ??? and media archives.

The notion cheap nfl jerseys of cultural institutions as platforms resonates wholesale mlb jerseys greatly with me. I’ve often wondered if an organisation such as the BBC truly saw itself as a cheap nfl jerseys platform business, what they might unlock in terms of a rich ecosphere of cultural artefacts. Rather than a closed iPlayer as we see now, we’d be seeing apps and services integrating iPlayer content across a much broader range of interests… a Bute Media Explorer for instance!

There’s precedent for this in the way cheap nfl jerseys Open Data philosophy has been embraced by governments around the world. By opening public data for wider use, city governments in Email particular are creating participatory architectures where government online acts as a platform to enable cultural and economic growth outside its Attachments organisational boundaries.

Perhaps some of the research questions for the Pararchive team should include understanding where collections and archives APPLICATA can be framed as data in order to utilise the great strides made around Open Data cultures.