Interesting interview with Ken Levine head of the studio Irrational Games (makers of the BioShock series). Here he is talking of how to push the art of storytelling forward in video games:

“I think it’s an interesting topic,” he said. “I’ve been working on a concept I call narrative LEGOs which is how do you take narrative and break it down. What are the smallest part of narrative that you can then remix and build something out of? Mix and match.”

I love this idea and I think there’s definitely something we could take from it for Pararchive. The way stories are put together, and the potential for allowing story content to be re-used and repurposed to inspire and create new narratives, should be something we really get to the bottom of in order to make the final outcome as useful and interesting as possible.

Levine uses the word “primitives” for to describe LEGO pieces as something which can be “recombined into a million different things”. What are the primitives for Pararchive? How can we make sure that recombination is both facilitated and encouraged?