“…to help improve the quality of life for residents in care homes by building a sense of community and shared experience through a cooperative exploration of their life history stories. Rather than put these stories on a website, the project seeks to find creative ways to attach stories to objects that are personally meaningful to participants so that they can remind themselves of important memories and share them with others if they choose.” tangible-memories.com/about

Somewhat related to the previous post on recording memories digitally for dementia sufferers, is the Tangible Memories project, highlighted by Fiona. Tangible Memories is experimenting with extends users’ personal recollections into physical objects and artefacts, not unlike Bruce Sterling’s notion of spimes or the Tales Of Things project. We’re hoping to bump into the project team at this week’s Connected Communities festival in Cardiff and share our own stories on storytelling 🙂

Find out more at… tangible-memories.com