The Uralla Story Project is a partnership between Uralla Arts, The Story Project and the communities that comprise the Uralla district. The project has, in its initial phase, recorded over forty conversations on a wide range of topics.

These are everyday stories which weave an extraordinary web of connectivity across our community. We thank the willingness and generosity of our participants in sharing their stories. It is our hope that this process for collecting and sharing stories in Uralla will long continue., via Simon.

Though the design treatments Dean and Tom have been experimenting with for presenting stories are taking a different direction to the conventions we see in works like the Uralla project and Medium, there’s still a lot we’re taking in from the state of the art. Audio in particular is still an evocative component in relating personal narratives and oral histories. Though Pararchive won’t be oriented around sound as singularly as the Uralla Story Project, I suspect it’ll be one of the most powerful tools we can offer our own community members.