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Feminist Archives, Feminist Futures Event

Women, Gender & Sexuality in the Archive is an afternoon workshop designed to bring together archivists, librarians and custodians of archives with those who would like to explore opportunities for working collaboratively with archives on women, gender and sexuality located in Leeds. Speakers from archives on the University of Leeds campus and across the city…

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Part II: Commemorating the First World War and its Legacy: Centre for Hidden Histories: Community, Commemoration and the First World War

  If you were asked to conjure an image of the First World War, what would it be? Flanders Fields? Muddy trenches maybe? Perhaps the poetry of Wilfred Owen? Or poppies? Probably the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth? If it happens to be one of the above or even all of the above, chances…

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Extended Deadline for Abstract Submission/November 1st 2014/Connecting Communities: Storytelling and the Digital Archive Conference

Connecting Communities: Storytelling and the Digital Archive Last Reminder/CALL FOR PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS Date: Friday 27th – Saturday 28th March 2015 Venue: Stage@Leeds, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK This AHRC-funded conference and community showcase marks the climax of an eighteen-month multidisciplinary research project entitled Pararchive: Open Access Community Storytelling and the Digital Archive ( The…

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Future Thinking: Connected Communities Media Collection

Spearheaded by Professor Ann Light (Northumbria University) and Tamar Millen (Community Media Association),the Connected Communities Media Collection (CCMC) brings together community-made media outputs from Connected Communities projects across the UK. The resource has been built to give a home to media outputs from the whole Connected Communities programme (providing they carry public permissions). You can…

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Interludes in Design

Seeing this kind of consideration for storytelling on the web is a serious about face. Not because writers and designers haven’t cared about storytelling, but because we may be past the point where they could still be successful despite not caring. Offhandedly dumping text into a column on a webpage used to pass for an…

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