Andy, Fiona and Dean have been discussing the recent launch of the TV as Material series of works at the Tate Modern. The six pieces are the result of a residency giving artists access to BBC’s archives.

The films are a great illustration of the potential to unlock archival material to create new perspectives and entirely new works; something that we’re hoping that our collaboration with Bokeh Yeah! in particular will yield.

One of the most striking of the examples is Kathryn Elkin’s Michael’s Theme, a seven-minute piece crafted from unbroadcast fragments of Michael Parkinson’s eponymous chat show. The archival fragments are largely ephemeral, but remixed together plays with the conventions of the chat show format.

Tellingly, the works are only available via iPlayer, suggesting the BBC is willing to allow access and manipulation of its archives, but still assert control over distribution – and only within their own channels.

Our philosophy with Pararchive is to move organisations like the BBC forward and encourage the use of their materials in neutral spaces outside organisational structures, but within notionally shared spaces.