Earlier today Dean came across an old Made By Many project for ITV, Sir Trevor.

The app is essentially an editing tool for web content, released as an open source project. It’s actually a curious mix of some of the storyblocks metaphors we’ve been designing Pararchive around.

Where Pararchive is a series of blocks with attached metadata and media artefacts, Sir Trevor consists of a series of blocks which can be either text, images, quotes, lists, tweets or video –  as seen in this example.

It’s useful to see some prior validation of our ideas, but also how we’re thinking beyond the state of the art; Sir Trevor is cute but limited. Our motivation for constructing stories block-by-block is in essence to allow components of stories to be reused and remixed into new forms and to surface serendipity across time and space.

What we’re hoping for is a shared universe of story components and narrative paths – actually as a comic book fan, I could test this our current prototype by adding characters, artefacts, places and stories from the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe… 😉

Find out more at… madebymany.github.io/sir-trevor-js