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Archive for March, 2015

The museum as digital storyteller

…a series of workshops involving the creation of several interactive, rich-media museum stories. Digital narrations were authored by experts (museum educators, archaeologists, designers, writers, media producers, and other related professionals) who were brought together and collaborated in numerous intensive, hands-on participatory design workshops. The events were monitored in order to both evaluate the usability of…

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Co-Curate brings together online collections, museums, universities, schools and community groups to make and re-make stories and images from North East England. Co-Curate is a trans-disciplinary project that will open up ‘official’ museum and ‘un-officia’l co-created community-based collections and archives through innovative collaborative approaches using social media and open archives/data. The project delivers a transformative…

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Deep Hanging Out

The term Deep Hanging Out was coined by anthropologist Clifford Geertz to describe the anthropological research method of immersing oneself in a immersed in a cultural, group or social experience on an informal level. Observations gleaned from deep hanging out may typically end up being the most poignant insights of one’s anthropological research. In contrast…

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The Collection and the Cloud

Loss of control of the personal archive means a loss of societal control of the cultural record. … The job of an archivist is work outside interfaces, working with the documents outside their native context, often to make sense of a previous generation’s cast-off data for the interest of the current and future ones.

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The near and far future of libraries

You might think of it as a “secret decoder ring” for information we leave for the future in human language form.

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