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Archive for August, 2015

The Internet Is Failing The Website Preservation Test

“If the internet is at its core a system of record, then it is failing to complete that mission”, observes Ron Miller in his interesting piece on the issues we face around content preservation on the Internet.

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Digitising Newspaper Collections-Best Practice Tips

Gemma Cattell shares best practice advice to help archivists and collection managers plan and undertake the digitisation of their newspaper collections.

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Jam Preserves

We hate it when projects we love go dark, so we’re taking a different approach and archiving Jam the best possible way we can manage. We want to preserve your jams, and we want to celebrate all 2+ million songs and the people who curated them between 2011–2015. We know this is no replacement for…

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The 2015 Digital Design Weekend in London/26th-27th September

The Yarn Community platform will be featured at the Digital Design Weekend (26th – 27th September 2015) at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. More details to follow as and when they become available.

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Yarn Community Featured in the Guardian

Claire Shaw of the Guardian interviewed Simon Popple and other researchers leading fascinating projects that draw on “big data” to push boundaries in research. Read more here.

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