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How Much Of The Internet Does The Wayback Machine Really Archive?

“The Internet Archive turns 20 years old next year, having archived nearly two decades and 23 petabytes of the evolution of the World Wide Web. Yet, surprisingly little is known about what exactly is in the Archive’s vaunted Wayback Machine. Beyond saying it has archived more than 445 billion webpages, the Archive has never published…

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As Palestinian history is erased, its archive becomes a nomadic war machine … What happens when the colonial archive, with its deletions and partial erasures, tells a story that clashes so intensely with lived history? When the archive actually obfuscates the past instead of elucidating it (a fantasy we entertain of the recording of history),…

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How the Internet Archive Maintains an Information Super Highway

“The [Internet] Archive isn’t just about archiving the Internet; it’s about using the Internet as an archive for world culture, over time, with no barrier to entry or qualification or justification required. And it works. An afternoon spent on the Archive is like an afternoon at the public library; it’s aimless, and overwhelming, and endlessly…

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