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Archive for March, 2016

Reimagining Libraries In The Digital Era: Lessons From Data Mining The Internet Archive

In his continued engagement with work at the intersection between data and society, Kalev Leetaru’s latest piece discusses how libraries are grappling with how to reinvent themselves in an increasingly digital world in which they are no longer a primary gatekeeper to and/or of knowledge and what that may mean for us as library users…

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A Guide to Using

As the formal launch of draws nearer, users may find this instructional video helpful in telling their digital stories. Happy Storytelling!

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Fun Details About Their Advantages and Einstein to Science and Math

Application, shop household photos when along with technical hardware like cellular devices, laptops and pc computers can have resolve easy logistical dilemmas, become a music selection and provide as a multimedia leisure center, among a plethora of additional uses. If you have a concept for a software product that’ll resolve an issue or tackle a…

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Going Beyond Digitisation Conference

“Many places seem to be digitising their collections at the moment but, often due to funding restraints, very few are considering what happens after digitisation. It’s fantastic to increase access to material using digital copies and a website but is this enough? Does innovation stop there before it has even started?”  To learn more about…

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Should Archivists Document Collective Memory?

“How do people assign meaning and weight to past events? Sociologists have coined the term “collective memory” to describe it. And it turns out that collective memory doesn’t just dictate the way groups recall the past en masse. Rather, wrote Jeannette A. Bastian, an event’s “memory trajectory” also influences the ways archivists preserve history—and opens…

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