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As I’ve discussed on a couple of occasions already with Daniel and Imran, it’s becoming clear that a parallel process of Pararchive is to record our stories of exploration, development, and community discussion. As well as blogging about our community research process and progress, I’m generating the documentation required to rebuild my project in the…

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Parts arrive – GPS radio begins!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had an idea in mind to explore archive material related to Manchester by walking through the streets themselves. After deliberating over a few methods of doing this, I’ve decided that the interface of a portable radio is a great way to do this: you walk around the…

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Exploring missing/changed spaces

Having toyed with the idea of spatial exploration for accessing archive material since the initial Pararchive meeting I attended in December, I pitched the idea to Arduino Manchester members at our last meeting to some positive responses. Initially, I thought this might involve handling objects or walking ‘through’ a story in a gallery space, but…

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