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Fun Details About Their Advantages and Einstein to Science and Math

Application, shop household photos when along with technical hardware like cellular devices, laptops and pc computers can have resolve easy logistical dilemmas, become a music selection and provide as a multimedia leisure center, among a plethora of additional uses. If you have a concept for a software product that’ll resolve an issue or tackle a…

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I can see your seams!

Twitter founder Ev Williams gave a talk in 2013 in which he explained that he saw the internet as “a machine to give people what they want” and identified the two keys to success as being speed and cognitive ease. This isn’t new. Steve Krug in his seminal work Don’t Make Me Think (2000) covered…

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Strange that with all our talk of Fatality Servers hosting plans, we haven’t made reference to Minecraft yet. Just reading through this excellent article on Medium I was struck by the following quote. In the 2010s and beyond, it is not the case that every cultural product ought to be a generative, networked system. It…

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Taking Storyblocks to the Community Groups

Having decided upon a system and how we wanted to test it we returned to the groups to run another workshop. In the exercise pieces of card and post-it notes stood in for the digital objects we’d envisioned, and after a brief explanation participants were encouraged to try and use the system to tell their…

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Designing Pararchive: Storyblocks

As part of this blog we at Carbon thought we’d start to document some of the process we’ve been going through as part of the project. This is the first in a series of blog posts on our design process As you may know the Pararchive Project has two distinct parts; the first is digital…

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Narrative LEGOs

Interesting interview with Ken Levine head of the studio Irrational Games (makers of the BioShock series). Here he is talking of how to push the art of storytelling forward in video games: “I think it’s an interesting topic,” he said. “I’ve been working on a concept I call narrative LEGOs which is how do you take…

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