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Design that makes users proud

It has been a fascinating 12 months working on the Pararchive project so far. Working with our community groups in Stoke, Bute and Manchester, and co-designing a digital service that will suit their needs, has been a privilege – with the ultimate outcome being something that will allow people of varying technical competency to share…

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Taking Storyblocks to the Community Groups

Having decided upon a system and how we wanted to test it we returned to the groups to run another workshop. In the exercise pieces of card and post-it notes stood in for the digital objects we’d envisioned, and after a brief explanation participants were encouraged to try and use the system to tell their…

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Designing Pararchive: Storyblocks

As part of this blog we at Carbon thought we’d start to document some of the process we’ve been going through as part of the project. This is the first in a series of blog posts on our design process As you may know the Pararchive Project has two distinct parts; the first is digital…

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