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Digital Archeology

“He said this was archaeology: ‘You’re digging up websites and restoring them to their former glory. You’re recontextualising them and they’re telling us about dotcom culture. What I’m trying to do…is bring back the website together with the technology that it was built in and for. It’s not just about the website itself, but about…

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Sifting Through the Ruins of the Present

…a reminder that the mundanities of our world can become relics. That the things we manufacture for short-term benefit, the objects we may consider disposable, unimportant—well, these objects will probably outlive us. We don’t get to control what lasts, or how the future will interpret our ruins. Archaeologists learn a great deal from ancient garbage.…

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Introducing Twitter Data Grants

To date, it has been challenging for researchers outside the company who are tackling big questions to collaborate with us to access our public, historical data. Our Data Grants program aims to change that by connecting research institutions and academics with the data they need. Though the timeframes of both our Bute and Stoke community…

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