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Artefacts – Digital Archive Value and Knowing It

Sanket Somaiya shares his thoughts on the importance of archiving artefacts, on the lessons they teach us, and on the value we derive from them.

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Archiving the Internet: How Historians Can Help #SaveTheWeb

You may be interested in Stephanie Kingsley’s piece on the importance and complexity of archiving today’s digital artefacts.

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Reimagining Libraries In The Digital Era: Lessons From Data Mining The Internet Archive

In his continued engagement with work at the intersection between data and society, Kalev Leetaru’s latest piece discusses how libraries are grappling with how to reinvent themselves in an increasingly digital world in which they are no longer a primary gatekeeper to and/or of knowledge and what that may mean for us as library users…

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Secret Museum Rooms

“…many museums have a secret room (or two or ten) well out of the public eye. Here are a few of those, full of books, boobs, and beetles.” I wonder, will our Science Museum and National Media Museum partners have some secret rooms for us to integrate into the Pararchive app? 😉 More at Atlas Obscura…

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