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To Preserve Digital Film Culture—Or Lose It Forever

Read Noémie Jennifer‘s interesting account on the significance of preserving our digital film heritage appropriately.

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Keys to Great Storytelling

“…it’s a framework in which to create. I’m a big designer. When I write a screenplay, I’ve diagrammed the architecture of the story. There’s really got to be a structure; art demands it.” More at… Boyhood director Richard Linklater shares his keys to great storytelling

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Bitter Lake

Adam Curtis’ stylish and thrilling documentaries, The Power Of Nightmares and All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace were early influences on the Pararchive project. His experimental works illustrated how the BBC’s archival footage could be remixed into radically new narratives, often challenging the original readings. His works do have a tendency to reframe history as a series of conspiratorial…

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Heritage Platforms

Earlier this week, the University hosted its second Values Of Film Heritage workshop, coinciding with UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. The programme included members of the Pararchive team, both behind the scenes in producing the event (Daniel and Fiona), as well as on the programme with a plenary session from Simon. Following another talk from David Walsh of the…

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Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be a gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of moving images – from illustration to cinema to the digital mediums of the future. The museum’s seed collection – a gift from founder George Lucas – spans a century-and-a-half and features the images and the mediums…

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