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The museum as digital storyteller

…a series of workshops involving the creation of several interactive, rich-media museum stories. Digital narrations were authored by experts (museum educators, archaeologists, designers, writers, media producers, and other related professionals) who were brought together and collaborated in numerous intensive, hands-on participatory design workshops. The events were monitored in order to both evaluate the usability of…

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Design Thinking for Libraries

With this approach, libraries have: Developed new spaces that promote play as a central part of childhood learning Engaged teens in maker­-oriented events that encourage deeper, long­lasting connections with librarians Created new programs that facilitate users to teach one another about digital media resources Design thinking is a creative approach, or a series of steps,…

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The folly of “Designing with the end user”

You could argue that “designing with the user” is a sensible approach – it’s certainly better than designing without them – but is it taking us closer to an end-game of “people in the developing world solving their own problems”? It may if you’re working with them to build a tool or platform which they,…

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Connected Communities: Designing Pararchive

Earlier this month, members of the wider Pararchive team were invited to host a 90-minute breakout session on our project at the Connected Communities festival. I closed the segment with some reflections on our approach to design & community storytelling; here’s my talk… Hey everyone, my name is Imran Ali. I’m one of the founders of Carbon Imagineering, a digital…

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