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Introduction to Pararchive

The Pararchive team’s breakout session from this month’s AHRC Connected Communities Festival in Cardiff* is now available on Youtube… Introductions from Fiona Philip and Simon Popple. Researching Collections at the Science Museum, Alison Hess From Bute to Butetown, Paul Duffy Ceramic City Stories, Danny Callaghan and Jane Wells Designing Pararchive, Imran Ali *We all thought it was kinda…

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Connected Communities: Designing Pararchive

Earlier this month, members of the wider Pararchive team were invited to host a 90-minute breakout session on our project at the Connected Communities festival. I closed the segment with some reflections on our approach to design & community storytelling; here’s my talk… Hey everyone, my name is Imran Ali. I’m one of the founders of Carbon Imagineering, a digital…

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Connected Communities: An international perspective

Mary Brydon-Miller is director of the University of Cincinnati’s Action Research Center, and Professor of educational and community-based action research within the university’s Education Studies Program. In the summer of 2013, she gave a presentation at the Connected Communities 2013 summit, to talk about community engagement and action research from an international perspective. In this…

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Self Reflection by Email

After two decades with the Internet, it’s no longer just a medium Boot of the present, Summer but wholesale jerseys rather, an archive cheap jerseys of our pasts. And, if we choose to embrace email metadata, it presents a powerful window into how wholesale nfl jerseys we live, wholesale nba jerseys communicate and love in…

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