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Pararchive Participates in the 2014 ESRC Festival of Social Science

  Pararchive won a small grant to participate in this year’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science which took place from 1st – 8th November. The aim of the Festival was to showcase some of the “leading” social science research being undertaken across the country and to demonstrate how such work…

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The Great Discontent interviews Cowbird’s Jonathan Harris

I’ve tried to set up Cowbird to be a timeless project, as opposed to a timely project. Cowbird tries to encourage a deeper, more personal, longer lasting kind of self-expression than you’re likely to find anywhere else on the Internet. It doesn’t necessarily follow all of the latest design trends, but hopefully it’s a space that…

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Jonathan Harris on Navigating Stuckness

Jonathan Harris is one of the foremost artists of the digital era, exploring technology, data, stats, storytelling and visual art at personal and planetary scales. My own interest in storytelling platforms emerged from one of his most recent works, Cowbird, described as a witness to life. Cowbird is notable in that the motivation is not…

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