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“From Rusholme With Love!”: A Day of Community Storytelling and Mapping

  Pararchive was recently invited to take part in the Festival of Ideas in Rusholme, Manchester. More commonly known as the Rusholme Festival of Ideas – which I will henceforth abbreviate as (RFoI) in this piece, the event provided an opportunity for local communities and people to map their ideas and perspectives of how they…

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Death in a Networked Age

Willow Brugh, a research affiliate at MIT’s Center for Civic Media, recently speculated on What Is Death In A Networked Age after the death of a close friend. This prompted Brugh to consider her own mortality and created a guide for “postmortem planning” examining the issues that most services providers and lawyers have overlooked. Longevity and legacy are areas we’ve…

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Part III: Commemorating the First World War and its Legacy: Voices of War and Peace

  Following on from the First World War Engagement Centres Everyday Lives in War and Hidden Histories we now look at Voices of War and Peace: the Great War and its legacy. Voices of War – or Voices as it will be referred to henceforth in this piece – is based in the Library of…

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