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“From Rusholme With Love!”: A Day of Community Storytelling and Mapping

  Pararchive was recently invited to take part in the Festival of Ideas in Rusholme, Manchester. More commonly known as the Rusholme Festival of Ideas – which I will henceforth abbreviate as (RFoI) in this piece, the event provided an opportunity for local communities and people to map their ideas and perspectives of how they…

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August with Bokeh Yeah!

Firstly, Adele took us through her experiences of using Box of Broadcasts to locate footage and recordings… It’s a useful tool for exploring content, filtering through metadata, creating playlists of interesting material and using transcripts to locate segments within video or audio. We wondered how integrating the means to explore archives should be within Pararchive.…

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Pitches from Bokeh Yeah!

Following the Connected Communities festival Fiona and I headed over to Madlab to join Bokeh Yeah for their monthly meetup. This session was to be dedicated to hearing pitches for the group’s documentary challenge for Pararchive, then allowing the group to select four ideas that will go on to be produced. The competing ideas included…

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Exploring missing/changed spaces

Having toyed with the idea of spatial exploration for accessing archive material since the initial Pararchive meeting I attended in December, I pitched the idea to Arduino Manchester members at our last meeting to some positive responses. Initially, I thought this might involve handling objects or walking ‘through’ a story in a gallery space, but…

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Behind-the-scenes at MOSI

What do MOSI’s archives hold for Pararchive project members?  This is what Daniel and I set out to discover through a behind-the-scenes visit to the Manchester museum under the expert guidance of Jan Hicks, MOSI’s Archives and Information Manager. We started out from its Collections Centre, which holds about a third of the objects not…

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