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GLAM and the Free World

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about the frustrations of working with cultural archives, not only in my role in Pararchive, but also as a trustee of the Impressions Gallery and an upcoming collaboration with Leeds Creative Labs and The Hepworth gallery that is seeking to challenge the notions of what it means to be a gallery. Thinking…

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OpenGLAM Principles – Galleries, libraries, archives and museums

An OpenGLAM institution champions these principles Release digital information about the artefacts (metadata) into the public domain using an appropriate legal tool such as the Creative Commons Zero Waiver. Keep digital representations of works for which copyright has expired (public domain) in the public domain by not adding new rights to them. When publishing data…

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Beyond Digital: Open Collections and Cultural Institutions

“…the big idea here is that open collections allow cultural institutions to complete their educational missions: not only showing our objects to as many people as possible, but giving people ownership of our collections and spaces by welcoming them to engage in any way they can dream up.” More at…

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