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‘Digital shoebox’ of memories helps dementia sufferers remember

This is because it’s hard to know what images or stories will spark a memory and when. Often it’s the things people pass everyday in their lives — landscapes and landmarks — rather than specific moments. Downie’s own grandmother, 97, has been diagnosed as suffering from dementia. And for her it was not photos of…

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Narrative Clip

A photo taken every thirty seconds, tagged in space and time; twice a minute, for the rest of your life. This is Narrative Clip, a small “wearable” that promises to capture each moment of your life in an annotated, searchable and shareable timeline of your life. Essentially, a photographic memory and an automated biography. What…

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Night Walk in Marseille

Google’s Night Walk in Marseille in a beautifully rendered illustration of the possibilities of storytelling with data and the open web. Using a combination of Google’s Maps, Street View, Youtube and Search services, Night Walk takes the viewer on a narrated tour of the Marseille neighbourhood of Cours Julien, famous for its street art. Google’s own data…

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Storehouse: a visual storytelling app for the iPad

Last week saw the release of Storehouse for iPad, a visual storytelling app created by former Apple and Adobe staffers, including members of the iPhoto and Aperture teams. The app reinforces the notion of tablets as more than just consumption devices, but as flourishing creative tools. Storehouse draws on an iPad’s internal photo library as…

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