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World Building and Story Universes

We have always had the notion of Pararchive stories inhabiting a tapestry of connected tales – with characters, places, objects, institutions and times as their connective threads. With the notion of serendipity at the core of our design philosophy, our hope was that these threads would allow new narrative patterns, paths and perspectives to emerge both organically and explicitly. Lately I’ve…

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Pararchive Participates in the 2014 ESRC Festival of Social Science

  Pararchive won a small grant to participate in this year’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science which took place from 1st – 8th November. The aim of the Festival was to showcase some of the “leading” social science research being undertaken across the country and to demonstrate how such work…

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Good evening. I’m Sir Trevor.

Earlier today Dean came across an old Made By Many project for ITV, Sir Trevor. The app is essentially an editing tool for web content, released as an open source project. It’s actually a curious mix of some of the storyblocks metaphors we’ve been designing Pararchive around. Where Pararchive is a series of blocks with attached metadata and media…

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August with Bokeh Yeah!

Firstly, Adele took us through her experiences of using Box of Broadcasts to locate footage and recordings… It’s a useful tool for exploring content, filtering through metadata, creating playlists of interesting material and using transcripts to locate segments within video or audio. We wondered how integrating the means to explore archives should be within Pararchive.…

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Pitches from Bokeh Yeah!

Following the Connected Communities festival Fiona and I headed over to Madlab to join Bokeh Yeah for their monthly meetup. This session was to be dedicated to hearing pitches for the group’s documentary challenge for Pararchive, then allowing the group to select four ideas that will go on to be produced. The competing ideas included…

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