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Narrative LEGOs

Interesting interview with Ken Levine head of the studio Irrational Games (makers of the BioShock series). Here he is talking of how to push the art of storytelling forward in video games: “I think it’s an interesting topic,” he said. “I’ve been working on a concept I call narrative LEGOs which is how do you take…

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Storehouse: a visual storytelling app for the iPad

Last week saw the release of Storehouse for iPad, a visual storytelling app created by former Apple and Adobe staffers, including members of the iPhoto and Aperture teams. The app reinforces the notion of tablets as more than just consumption devices, but as flourishing creative tools. Storehouse draws on an iPad’s internal photo library as…

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Storytelling and “The Year In Kickstarter”

Kickstarter’s rapidly become the crowdfunding platform of choice, with well produced video content noted by veterans as the key to a successful fundraising campaign. Every January, the company publishes a beautifully illustrated but very static infographic to summarise the previous year’s achievements. This year they’ve chosen to publish this summary, along with some headline projects, as…

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