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Back to the Future: Following the Trail of A Learning and Research Journey

  In an update on her Pararchive research project entitled Back to the Future: When Wearable Technology Meets Archive Content, we learnt how Michelle – a member of the MadLab Manchester Arduino Group and Founder and Director of Made With Glove Ltd – is designing fashionable heated gloves for women who suffer from the Raynaud’s…

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The danger of a single story

From the BBC’s Ian Forrester… As part of my investigations into Perceptive Media, myself and other colleagues are deconstructing storytelling down to its most logical parts. Part of this is understanding the history of storytelling and other aspects of storytelling which are outside the mainstream consciousness. Storytelling through different types of frames  

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Self Reflection by Email

After two decades with the Internet, it’s no longer just a medium Boot of the present, Summer but wholesale jerseys rather, an archive cheap jerseys of our pasts. And, if we choose to embrace email metadata, it presents a powerful window into how wholesale nfl jerseys we live, wholesale nba jerseys communicate and love in…

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